‘Just Slow Down’ is a simple, life-saving philosophy for drivers.

The Winnipeg Police Service’s ‘Just Slow Down’ campaign is about delivering a simple message to drivers: driving according to the speed limit and road conditions can save lives, prevent injuries and save money on fines and MPI costs.

A cornerstone of the campaign is photo enforcement. Because there are a lot of potential consequences to speeding... and photo enforcement is the easiest one to avoid while still reminding people to Just Slow Down.

Over the years of operation in Winnipeg, photo enforcement has reduced the number of speeding and red light violations. In 2019, alone, a total of 9,520 red light offences and 28,448 speeding offences were captured at Intersection Safety Camera locations – a decrease of 13.4% from 2018.

That’s making things safe for everyone on the road. That’s why we do this.