Please take the time to view these video stories from people whose lives have been devastated due to speed-related accidents, Winnipeg paramedics who must deal with the aftermath and members of the Winnipeg Police Service.

Each story contains an important message about the dangers of excessive speed and the tragedies that can result.

Our goal is to prevent this from happening to you or someone you know.

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Bishop Grandin Crash


Original “Just Slow Down” Webisode


“Busy Guy” Spot


“Teen Crash” Spot


“Auntie Karen”

“Auntie Karen” is the author of a letter written to a local radio station talking about a drive home she had where people were driving recklessly. The letter has received a lot of attention and is published on her website


Jan Frizzley

Jan’s daughter, Amanda Frizzley, was killed on September 30th, 2007 when the tow truck she was driving was hit by a speeding SUV.


Dr.Tony Herd

Dr.Herd, a former emergency room physician has seen the effects of high-speed collisions first hand.


Rick Piana

Rick’s son Scott was the driver in a crash which took his life on Thanksgiving Day, 2004. Scott had not been drinking, but, according to his friend who was severely injured in the accident, Scott had been traveling at excessive speed.


Patrol Sergeant Sandra Martin
Winnipeg Police Service

Sandra was a collision reconstruction officer on the case of Scott Piana. She recalls this sad event, plus another which involved a high school student.


Patrol Sergeant Russ Heslop
Winnipeg Police Service

A message from Russ Heslop of the Winnipeg Police Service.


Jana Butters, Paramedic

A message from Jana Butters of the Winnipeg Emergency Medical Services.


Dan Herzog, Paramedic

A message from Dan Herzog of the Winnipeg Emergency Medical Services.